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Rank It Up is Melbourne’s finest SEO Company who only measure success by the success of your business. Our experienced staff are the best SEO strategists in Australia that strive for results in getting your website onto page 1 of the Google search engines so that millions of customers from all over the world, or from your local geographic area can easily reach your business and enquire about your products and services. The opportunities are massive and businesses all over the globe are taking advantage of search engine optimisation in order to be found before their competitors. Going by increased competition, it has become a matter of urgency rather than routine undertaking for businesses to boost their rankings and achieve set objectives.

Most organisations know what goals they need to meet in order to generate revenue, however business owners may lack the expertise and time to make these things happen. This is where Rank It Up comes in, to offer not only objective analysis but also solutions to seemingly challenging problems of the digital market. We are an SEO company that continues to break new grounds in the provision of high quality services designed to improve the global presence of our customers, rank them top on Google and help them attain their objectives.


pro seo

Our professional team is committed to making your online marketing strategy a success and will update you on performance on a monthly basis.

Tailored Services


Our goals are your goals. We will work towards what results you want for your business and tailor a strategy to suit your needs.


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We are a very flexible, non-contractual company and will adopt a strategy according to what your current goals are.


Custom SEO Services in Melbourne

Local, National & even International options available

Rank It Up is perfectly aware of the increasing need for results and quality and as such has taken measures to ensure that the services we offer our clients exceed expectations. In our efforts to continually satisfy our customers, we offer a diversified pool of services designed to suit individual’s needs of our clients. We know that your business is different to other businesses and understand that your goals will be different to others. This is why have employed a custom approach to each one of our clients so that you can get to exactly where to want to be.


No lock in contracts

no contract
Unlike many other companies that rely on lock in contracts to gain mileage or simply lock in customers, we have taken a completely different approach. We believe in the quality of our services, the professionalism with which it is offered, and ultimately respect your free will in choosing us as your ultimate service provider. As an SEO company wishing to effect change in the way things are done, we have created a conducive environment through which our clients can freely choose to work with us without having to worry on the quality of our services.

Our strength lies in our ability to take your business as our own hence engaging in the best practices aimed at making your business an industry leader. As we are so confident with our services we do not see the need for lock in contracts and simply retain our customers by the quality of services we offer.


Google penguin recovery

penguin update
For long, businesses were simply concerned about getting leads, increasing traffic and sales with complete disregard to the use of unnatural links and other such kind strategies. With the introduction of Google penguin, many sites took a beating as they saw their websites ranking plummet drastically. We understand the need for businesses to be top of the search engines and have taken the necessary steps to not only educate our clients on what the Google panda penalty and Google penguin recovery means but also do everything within their power to help sites recover. And of course avoid penalty!

We have a qualified team of professionals that basically analyse sites that have been hit by panda or penguin penalties and effectively provide frameworks through which we can return your site to its original state and improve even further on top of that. We are perfectly aware of what Google expects of sites and therefore have taken it upon ourselves to not only rid your site of unnatural links but also advise you on what you need to do to avoid Google penalties in the future. We analyse your links, back licks, link building sites and provide you with an effective report on the action forward and how to bring your site back on track. If you do not understand why your site is red flagged, Rank It Up is the SEO Company that can carry out an in-depth analysis and give you a report on why your site has taken a nose dive.


Web design

web design

We know that a website is the eye, the lens through which the outside world views your business. We have developed many websites over the years and can confidently say that we have what it takes to make your website not only appealing but also inviting. Our web design services by our team have a keen eye for creativity, understand what innovative technologies is, we are dynamic, devoted and passionate about their work and above all offer services that are beyond reproach. We seek the indulgence of our valuable customers to get their insights on what they would like to see and afterwards add a professional touch to give them a website they have always yearned for.

As a rule of thumb, our goal is in ensuring that you get maximum traffic, satisfy your clients and design a website that will help you achieve a competitive edge against your competitors. Our web design services are not only targeted for the Australian market but also to clients from across the globe.


Google places/map optimisation


Rank It Up recognises that the challenge many businesses face is how to quintessentially add their businesses to Google maps. In a world where everyone has gone hi-tech, you will agree with me that directories are fast becoming obsolete. Use of Google maps and navigations has become the next frontier for development and success. A business that is easily located on Google maps stands a higher chance of being successful than one that is off the radar. In this regard, Rank It Up SEO Australia has taken measures to help businesses of various sizes, from whatever part of the world to effectively and successfully be listed on Google maps.

We are experts in optimising Google maps so that your business can easily be found and inadvertently increase sales and revenues for your business. Our map optimisation experts understand what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and the strategies to achieve maximum optimisation for maps on Google. As always, we aspire to ensure that you get quality services at affordable services. With Google places optimisation, we help you get your new business a listing on Google maps as millions of people search Google maps daily. We are committed to not only seeing you succeed but also be part of your success.


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Our long standing experience, renowned reputation, qualified pool of professionals, flexibility, diversified services, affordability, dynamism, integrity, focus on client satisfaction, proven results, extensive research and commitment towards continuous improvement entails why you need to entrust Rank It Up with all your SEO needs. We treat our customers business as our own, offer excellent services and believe that the success of our customers reflects of our own. If you have been looking for a dedicated and reliable partner to help meet all your SEO needs, Rank It is here for you! Contact us today!