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Rank It Up is Melbourne’s finest SEO Company who only measure success by the success of your business. Our experienced staff are the best SEO strategists in Australia that strive for results in getting your website onto page 1 of the Google search engines so that millions of customers locally, nationally and all around the world if you have an international business.


Most organisations know what goals they need to meet in order to generate revenue, however business owners may lack the expertise and time to make these things happen. This is where we in, to offer not only an analysis of your website in the online space but also provide solutions to challenging problems of the digital market. We are an SEO company that continues to be up to date in industry to find out what we need to do you get your website ranking and found on top on Google by your customers.


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Our professional team is committed to making your online marketing strategy a success and will update you on performance on a monthly basis.

Tailored Services


Our goals are your goals. We will work towards what results you want for your business and tailor a strategy to suit your needs.


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We are a very flexible, non-contractual company and will adopt a strategy according to what your current goals are.


Custom SEO Services in Melbourne

Local, National & even International options available

Most businesses cannot even be found online by their local customers online. This is probably one of the biggest downfalls of any business. If your own target market in your local market cannot find you then you are missing out on a lot of potential sales. At Rank It Up we offer customised local SEO services all over Australia. Depending on the nature of your business we have tailored national options and even international campaigns so people can find your website no matter where they are from.


No lock in contracts

no seo contract
Unlike many other companies that rely on lock in contracts to keep their clients “hostage”, we have taken a completely different approach. We don’t believe in contracts as we are so confident with our services that you will not want to leave us! We also understand that the business needs may change so we want to let our customers know that they have that freedom over their SEO services.

Our strength lies in our ability to take your business as our own hence engaging in the best Google practices aimed at making your website an industry leader!


Google penguin recovery

recover from a google penguin penalty The Google Penguin update was released due to people building links from irrelevant or low quality websites. This was very common by spammers and other SEO companies who just wanted to get quick results for their clients, which will then suffer shortly after. Sites effected by this lose their rankings and Google trust. We have worked with many clients and were able to fix their websites which have been tarnished by their previous SEO companies. With our Google penguin recovery service we can help your website recover and of course avoid penalty!

Apart from the big bad penguin there is also a penalty known as the Google Panda which targets website with repetitive, copied and low quality content. Our professionals will analyse sites that have been hit by panda or penguin penalties and effectively provide frameworks through which we can return your site to its original state and improve even further on top of that. We are perfectly aware of what Google expects of sites and therefore have taken it upon ourselves to not only rid your site of unnatural links or low quality content but also advise you on what you need to do to avoid Google penalties in the future. If your website has lost its rankings, site visits and receive less enquiries let us know as we will see if your site has been penalised or not.


Web design

web design

We know that a website is the eye, the lens through which the outside world views your business. We have developed many websites over the years and can confidently say that we have what it takes to make your website not only appealing but also inviting. Our web design services are not just simply having a website built for you, we make sure it is SEO friendly. It is very important that your website is built for SEO or else it will not be able to rank on Google or any of the other search engines.

As a rule of thumb, our goal is in ensuring that you get maximum traffic, satisfy your clients and design a website that will help you achieve a competitive edge against your competitors. Our web design services are not only targeted for the Australian market but also to clients from across the globe.


Google places and maps optimisation

get your map on google

Rank It Up recognises that the challenge many businesses face is how to add their businesses to Google maps. Google is very strict about their location services they will remove any listing if they are unsatisfied with the information. Use of Google maps and navigators has become the next frontier for development and success. A business that is easily located on Google maps stands a higher chance of being on top of the search engine results. In this regard, Rank It Up SEO Australia has taken measures to help businesses of various sizes, from whatever part of the world to effectively and successfully be listed on Google maps. Even if you have multiple locations we can optimise every single one of them onto your Google Plus account so that it can rank for location based searches.


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If you are looking for continuous improvement of your businesses and reaching out to a wide range of potential new customers you need to entrust Rank It Up with all your SEO needs. We treat our customers business as our own, offer excellent services and believe that the success of our customers reflects of our own. If you have been looking for a dedicated and reliable partner to help meet all your SEO needs, Rank It is here for you! Contact us today!