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Simplicity is beauty – Be Inspired by Flat App Designs

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Digital development is an ever revolving area of expertise and in order to keep pace with its fast-changing trends, developers are tied up in producing new and improved versions of old ideas or generating brand-new concepts altogether. Mobile app developers are continually fighting the dilemma of choosing the right user interface to work with for their new mobile apps.

Apps that are mobile-optimized do not face the challenge of designing the app with full features. But, some apps require building the design from scratch. This is where the mobile app developers

Mobile app development in Los Angeles has always been introduced to state of the art technological innovations and ideas through VeztekUSA Los Angeles. Creative image based designing is a popular tool used by most developers to enhance the look of their apps. Mobile app developers these days are opting for a more flat design when designing user interfaces because simplicity in those flat designs is what is considered to be utmost beauty.\

Ever heard of skeuomorphism? Don’t worry, flat design is everything that is not skeuomorphism. Flat designs include simple 2D representations of an extensive range of colors backed by simple icons and tiles. These simplistic features of a flat design user interface makes the app fast and easy to run, use and maintain.
Flat design interfaces are catching on at a skyrocketing pace as the new break-through concepts that app developers (particularly Etch, and Windows 8) are utilizing to gain edge over complex gradients, drop shadows and heaviness of designs. These designs provide a fresh outlook to an app as against the clutter created by skeuomorphism.

Let’s highlight a few significant features of this simplistic user interface:

Simplicity at its best

A simply laid out pattern of intuitive icons and tiles in a format that is easy to comprehend and predictable at its own place is one of the most significant features of a flat design interface. It makes the app less complicated and enables the user to view maximum features with minimalistic scrolling.
Bright Color Mania

As mentioned earlier, a gamut of colors in all shades of bright and bold is what the flat design interface incorporates. These colors add attractiveness and make the app or web page visually appealing for users. Contrasting colors used to design apps have always resulted in positive feedbacks in terms of the excite-factor they generate amongst users.

Focused Typography

Flat designs are associated with cleanliness time and again because simple fonts highlight the best beauty to the overall design. Typography is more focused in these designs as it highlights the outlook of the flat design interface and no time is required to be spent on decorating the app

Cons of using a flat design interface:

Lack of Defined Icons and Information

Users may sometime find it difficult to understand the highly intuitive icons and familiarize themselves with these icons. Everyone is aware of the problem that Windows 8 users initially faced when the design was launched into the market. Although everyone appreciated the new look, most of the public agreed that it took them a great deal of time to understand the new interface and get used to it.

Color Contrasting Dilemma

Picking the right combination of colors for mix and match with the right amount of contrasting is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a great mind of an artist to match the right colors to be appropriate for certain designs. Saturation, contrast and brightness are the three main aspects that need to be considered before designing a color palette for the app. A lot of colors may not be suitable for some apps whilst some require extensive use of a variety of shades and tones from many different colors. This could at times be one problem faced with flat design interfaces as colors are the only visual energy that mobile app developers using this interface can play around with when designing their apps.

It is important to remember that a design is simply more than just how it looks. Its core functions, usability and overall outlook is what determines its success. Flat designs have been known for their simplistic features, functions and user-friendliness. Opting for this design interface and giving it unique features will definitely make your apps stand out from the crowd.

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