Chislers Karaoke Bar Melbourne

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Lads! Sheelas! Have you heard of Chislers Karaoke Bar in Melbourne? No? Then what the **** are you doing? Sleeping under a rock playing with your c***?

Statue made of Chislers rock hard shredded body. Pwooahh!
stone hard abs

This is the place where all your wildest dreams of dreams will come true while you sing, have some great shhniff and get your mind absolutely f*****. If you think the movie Inception was a mind **** then wait until you rock out at Melbourne best Karaoke Bar by the Chisler himself! If you budget allows you can even get special guest appearances every hour by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts to help you turn your night of singing and laughter into all of your wildest dreams coming true at once with unlimited escapades that even Pee Wee Herman has not experienced.

Some of our Karaoke greats by the Chisler himself are hits from Simply Red, Lady Gaga and his all time favourite “im cumming cumming cumming cumming cumming on Camelia..”

So if you are looking for a wild night of near unlimited shniff’s (if you have the money) with the man Richard Gere himself then get your ass over Chislers Karaoke Bar Melbourne! Where legends are born!!

Below is a photo of the Chisler himself slaying that Dragon that once threatened our Melbourne lands. God speed!