Creating fake scholarships just to get edu links

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Wow, just wow… Apparently this trend is not uncommon and a lot of websites are actually creating fake scholarships just to get edu links from colleges and universities. John Mueller said that if the scholarship was solely set up to get links then a nofollow link should be used. However, what’s the point of going through the trouble of this just to get a nofollow? I am also quite skeptical about nofollow links. Are they really safe? If I am selling kids toys but I have a bunch of nofollow links on an adult entertainment site will my site still be safe? I would definitely do the best I can to get these links removed ASAP! Even if the link is a nofollow I would rather not have it at all if I have to question it’s worth.

You can find more info here

So what is the easiest way to get edu links?

To help with our outreach service I read an article a while back about getting in touch with librarians online. A librarian is responsible to connect people with as much information as possible. It won’t be too hard to find these people as they are often on their own subdomains. To find these domains simply enter the following into the search bar:
inrul:libguides [industry] sites
inurl:libraryguides [industry] sites
See what type of information is on these sites then contact the librarian with what you have to offer – relevant of course! The librarian usually leaves their details for people to contact if needed.

Another good way to get edu links

For example, you own a restaurant or offer accommodation, you can contact colleges or universities to list your website on their campus site to provide their students with a list of local places they can go to for food, hostels, coffee, accommodation and so on. In order to find these search for the following: local [keyword]
Don’t forget the full stop in front of edu. If you want to get really specific you can search:
intitle:local intext:[keyword]
After being presented with the results contact the site owners with what you have add to the directory which will help students. The chances of getting a link are pretty good as the faculty will like to add to this as much as they can so can attract more students!