Fitness SEO for Gyms in Melbourne & Australia

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seo for gymsAs fitness and image is becoming more and more popular in Australia, people are always looking for a gym that is closest to them. Whether they want to go to one close to their work or their home, they will more likely turn to Google to help them locate the closest gym.

Your gym might be closest to a person looking to work out, however are you coming up in the search results? If not, you are missing out on many gym memberships. To assess whether or not your Gym is being found on Google enter the following into the search engines and see if your website is coming up:

  • Gyms in [location]
  • Gym and fitness [location]
  • Cheap gym [location]
  • Boxing gyms [location]
  • Martial arts gyms [location]
  • Best gyms [location]
  • And so on

The above are some of the most basic SEO keywords your Gym should be coming up for in Google and if not, please get in touch with us to get started. We will provide you with monthly reports on targeted keywords and website traffic as well as look into a lot more opportunities for your website so you can get more members to sign up to your Gym. On top of that, we can even redesign your website to make it SEO Friendly or create one for you a reasonable price.