Google Penguin 3.0 Continues To Roll Out

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Friday night, October 17th, Google finally rolled out an update of the Penguin algorithm which was a world wide update and impacted less than 1% of English queries. Not too large, however 18 days later the roll out is still happening affecting more and more websites. We can help you if you site hand been effected with the panda or penguin penalty.

John Muller (Webmaster Trends Analyst) mentioned that “As far as I know, the whole data is still rolling out slowly.”


So what now?

Basically, we need to monitor our clients organic traffic results and rankings for the next few months. If this algorithm is rolling out slowly we cannot get too comfortable. Smaller website owners really should start looking into a disavow process before they get hit with a penalty. However, a disavow should be used with caution as doing it wrong may impact your rankings.

Being hit algorithmically should not cause a site message in webmaster tools in relation to un-natural links. It is when sites are viewed manually by someone from the Google spam team is when these messages occur and your site penalised. After this has happened it will be difficult to recover from, thorough analysis of the site must take place and the correct actions must be made before submitting an reconsideration request. This is where the site is reviewed and determined by Google spam staff if the issue has been addressed accordingly or not. If not they may even find more damaging links or “unnatural” SEO strategies which will get you into more trouble. So therefore submitting a reconsideration request must be done only when the site is 100% ready to be reviewed. Reconsideration requests take normally 2 – 6 weeks (the same as a disavow request). So it is important that it is done right the first time so you won’t be wasting time.