Google Pigeon algorithm update effects local search rankings

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google eagle algorithmA new Google algorithm update was launched sometime last week which was tied to local search results. The update is supposed to provide more accurate results for local search. The name “Pigeon” is not the official name as yet but Barry Schwartz decided to name it that in one of his articles as pigeons tend to stick to a local area. If I was to name it I would call it the Google Eagle Update. Simply because of the eagle eye term and Google looking down at the local area from above! (credit goes to one of my colleagues). So from now on I will refer this update as the Eagle update instead of the Pigeon update until Google choose a name for it, if they do. They may have officially named it already, but I am yet to see any information about it.

Anyway enough about what we are calling it. The Eagle Update will effect both maps and web search results by making use of the standard rankings signals, spelling, synonyms and knowledge graph are only a few mentioned of the many which will help location ranking parameters and distance as said by Google. The Eagle algorithm update is rolling out in the US but we are still yet to find out when this will be rolled out to other countries. The update seems to have fixed the Yelp issue and now Yelp pages are at the top of the search results when users enter in the word “Yelp”.

Is the latest algorithm update beneficial for business owners?

From lurking the forums I have discovered that some companies have seen improvements because of the Eagle update. One person mentioned that their spammiest listing actually gained the best result and is now questioning whether this update is really beneficial to the honest business owner. Some companies claim they have dropped right off the search results and others have their results greatly changed when adding or removing similar words.

I honestly think that it is too early to raise alarm bells. The Eagle algorithm update is still fairly new so I’m sure they are still in the process of making some changes to it for the better. For more information you can visit Search Engine Land.