How to easily write a blog or article for your website

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Writing an article for your website is not as daunting as you think. Yes, there will be a bit of keyword research involved and competitor analysis to find what potential topics to talk about in your industry however, it can be done a lot quicker than you estimate.

Once you think of a topic to write about don’t worry too much about making it sound all professional with big words that will make you look “smart”. At the end of the day you are most likely not writing a thesis about ‘stem cell development’ so you can keep the language (reading level) at a pretty basic level. Unless you are really writing about stem cell development, in that case, I cannot help you!

Read it out loud, and choose the language you use in your blog like as if you are talking to a person. This is probably one of the most effective ways. If you want to get an even better understanding of what language you should be using in your article, you can check the reading levels of your audience by going to From here select the reading level option from the down in the second half of the form.

setting reading level in google advanced reach

You can then see the results and the percentage of different reading levels. From this example it shows that approximately 90% of people who search ‘stem cell development’ are advanced readers.
search results based on reading level

Now lets look at another example, and I love this one. No offence to anyone! Just say you are writing an article about Kim Kardashian and you want to know what type of reading level your audience will be at so you can structure your article accordingly. Simply follow the steps explained above and you will see that just about every single one of these readers are only at a basic level of reading.
reading level of people who search kim kardasian

Make use of Google Trends to write your article at the perfect time

We have lightly touched on this before, but Google trends is a great way to see what searches are most popular. This is handy so you can see what is the best time to start blogging! Going back to our favourite celebrity Kim Kardashian, we can see according to Google trends how popular she has been over the years. From originally starring in short films featuring Ray J which leaked to the public in 2007 to “breaking the internet” last month, and you can see the trend spike during this time as well.

kim kardashian search trends

Taking a another example, a more seasonal one. You can see Christmas based searches are big in November and December, so if relevant, write your Christmas articles around late September to capture some of these searches during the busy period.

google search trends for christmas

And there you have it. The absolute basics of blog writing and the best of Kim Kardashian!