How to get killer ROI with Facebook Ads

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Social media has become a major platform for the affiliates to showcase their marketing skills efficiently. Especially Facebook, which is the number one Social site in the world right now. According to a report, 1.30 billion people approximately users have accounts on Facebook, which is a phenomenal stat. Facebook has utilized this huge share of traffic to generate business for itself and for other companies. Facebook Ads play a major role in making new customers for the companies. You must see how Facebook Ad campaigns work in order to get a better idea about the concept. There are several things to consider while setting up and optimizing Facebook Ads, such as choosing the right images, analyzing Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Click-Through-Rate (CTR). These are some of the things, which you have to master in order to achieve immense Return-On-Investment(ROI). Here are the top five things that you have to keep in mind while setting up your Facebook Ads for better Ad campaign response.

1) Have Right Dimensions While Setting Up The Ads

In order to grab the audience’s attention, you have only got a split second time. Therefore, you have to take the advantage of all the things that are allocated to you. The Ad space is one of the most important things that you have to take care of. Facebook Ads are available in all types of sizes, whether large, medium or small, but you have to make sure that you get the larger ones because the smaller images are less noticeable, therefore becoming less influential for your business. If you set up an ad campaign, then you will notice that the smaller images are not good enough to attract the audience, hence wasting your precious time and money. You have to make sure that the Ad images are at least 1200 pixels in width and 600 pixels in length, if you want to achieve good results.

2) Use Bright Colors In Order To Make Your Ads Outstanding

The color of the ads plays an important role in deciding, whether the customer will click on it, or just ignore it like all other ads. You have to use bright colors that are eye pleasing rather than irritable. There are several colors you can choose from, so pick the right ones for your ads. There is no guarantee of success with one color, but you have to keep trying for the new and different colors. Since the primary colors used on Facebook are Blue and white, so you can try the colors that contrast these two in order to draw the attention of the audience. Three colors namely, purple, orange and yellow have gotten the highest ad response rates, so make sure that the background of your ad contrasts with itself to make the campaign a huge success. Try different colors and find the right combination for your ads.

2) Find The Right Target Audience For Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help you make a huge customer base because there is no limit to the size of the audience, but it is imperative for you to limit the number of audience by targeting those who can be your prospective customers in the near future. There are a plenty of offers provided to you by Facebook, like age, location, behaviour, interests and more. You can make your ad a bit more personalized and appealing by choosing the specific audience.

4) Always Use A Link Ad Instead Of A Photo Ad

There are several drawbacks of using the photo ads, such as raking up of more visual space in the news feed. On the other hand, link ads can be used to drive a higher rate of conversion and huge ROI. Your audience would be redirected to the main website whenever they click on the link ad, which is not possible with a photo ad. You can naturally increase your Click-Through-Rate with the help of Link ads or photo ads.

5) Add Call-To-Action Features

It is up to you to give directions to your audience, so that they can buy your products. You must have a CTA in your Facebook ads, but if it is not possible, then you can use the Facebook’s Call to action option. You can place it at the bottom of the ad because a person reading the ad will scroll down till the end.
You must keep an eye on the CTR to measure success. If your ad has a frequency of 3, then it means that the same person has seen your ad 3 times without taking any action. Increase in frequency and a decrease in CTR is not good for business. There has to be a balance in both the parameters.

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