Is your Real Estate website ranking and getting visibility on Google?

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seo consultant for real estate websitesReal Estate is probably one of the most lucrative businesses today and websites such as and are taking the online housing market by storm. Why? Not just because of their marketing spend, but because they have pretty much perfected their website to act in a SEO friendly manner when different options are selected on their website. This allows for users to find a lot of the Real Estate listings via a Google Search.

Now for Real Estate agencies that are also made up of home builders, a pretty easy way to see if they are getting visibility on Google is by looking for their display villages in the area. Providing they have any. So for example:

  • Display homes in [suburb]
  • Display villages in [suburb]

Your website should at least be ranking in the search results or the map listings, if not, then your website is simply not optimised accordingly. To be honest, quite a few of the Real Estate and home builder websites can be improved a lot. This means that is it not as hard as you think to gain rankings for highly searched keywords, providing that you have the right people working on it for you.

Home builders and property developers, yes you!

Every Real Estate website and home builders or property developers must really start have their website optimised by a professional before the competing landscape becomes too competitive. Just to give you an example of what you are missing a keyword such as real estate Melbourne/Sydney had over 18,000 searches last month. In this industry search terms reach an excess of 300,000 searches monthly and that is just for one keyword. Imagine if you had such a few of these keywords ranking on Google. The likelihood of sales and enquires to your business will surely increase noticeably and this way you won’t need to invest too much in sales professional as your website will be selling for you!

If you would like more information about SEO for your Real Estate or home builders website please feel free to contact Rank It Up today.

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