The coolest man in search marketing

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coolest man marketing please note: this is a completely random post, hence why it is in the ‘Completely Random’ category.

This would be easily the coolest man in search marketing. Rocking the office in his (yes its a he) pink power ranger morphsuit simply not giving a flying f***! Well to be honest he is not a search marketer but he is still in the search marketing industry. He wanted to remain anonymous due publicity reasons and did not want to deal with all the crazed women chasing him down the street as he is trying to get to and from work.

This chap lives in Australia and is located in Melbourne. He is very popular around the office but a bit let down that people only come to him when they need something. He has a fish tank filled with sand and no water in which he nurses a colony of 20,000 ants. He has named each and every one of them and can tell them apart and also likes to watch them mate when he is upset.

When we asked him whats with the pink power ranger morphsuit he replied,

“f*** the norm, I simply do not care for all you corporate slaves. I make my own rules and no one can stop me because they need me! It frustrates me that people only come up to me when they need something. Now I can come to work in style and people want to see me not because they need something, but because the actually want to see me! However, I am having a lot of trouble with the amount of women following me around. Even though I am dressed in a pink outfit they can see all the masculinity from beneath the suit with testosterone oozing out of my skin like a raging elephant. I have also been asked by channel 10 to star on the new season of the bachelor but I wasn’t impressed with their measly offering of $450,000. Anyway all I know is that I am awesome and I do not care what you think. I am now going to watch my ants whilst listening to Celine Dion drinking Baileys on ice”

Well there you have it. He may not exactly be working in search, but since he is in the industry he is the coolest man in search marketing! Can you guess who he is?