What is SEO?

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In a world whereby the internet is bombarded by scores of websites jostling for number one position on search engines, it’s completely normal when people ask “what is SEO and how it works”. Ideally, the sole objective of any business irrespective of its size or capital is how to achieve a competitive edge and attract as many customers as possible. Over the past few years the term SEO has gained immense popularity among site owners. Individuals and businesses who are trying to make their presence online must or familiarise themselves with SEO or risk perishing.

In this wavelength, it’s correct to ask “what is SEO?” Simply put, SEO, an acronym of search engine optimisation refers to a process through which a site and its individual pages are made visible not only to search engine users but also search engines. Search engine optimisation has since time immemorial been the focal point through which a site achieves or attains relevancy and reputation on search engines. In other words, search engine optimisation works by simply making your website or sites friendlier to be listed on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and many others. seo blog

How does SEO work?

You probably know that the formula that Google uses to rank pages is a tightly guarded secret. Of course, we don’t expect them to reveal the formula or process. To do so would be like getting the secret recipe to KFC. This however does not mean that Google hasn’t given us a clue on what they need us to do in order to help them towards this front. To sum it up, the basics of SEO and how it works is very simple.

  • Content

There is a general feeling in online circles that content is king. To break it down, content is what tells not only your visitors what your site it about but also Google. As a popular adage says, good content is read and great content is shared. Great content lased with the correct keyword phrases forms the basics of SEO. It is in fact the key to the whole search engine optimisation and how it works.

  • Metas

Of course I am not insinuating that a well written Meta tag or title tag is the breakthrough you need to have your site ranked highly on Google or other search engines. What am saying is that Meta tags play a great role in the whole search engine optimisation success strategy. As a matter of fact, be very particular about Meta tag titles as it is one of the first thing Google sees when visiting your site. You also need to make sure that meta descriptions are strongly written in a persuasive manner that will in turn make a user click on your site.

  • Inbound links

The use of high quality links plays an important role in pushing your site through the ranks of search engines. Use of natural and high quality links make it possible for sites to be ranked highly as opposed to sites that use unnatural and low quality links. Think of a high quality link as a vote by a VIP. However, try not to get too carried away as Google is clever enough that you are trying to influence the search results.

  • Simple site design

To get high ranking on search engines, your site needs to be designed in a simple way, minimum bandwidth, easy to navigate and simple clean templates. The aforementioned make it possible for people to easily find what they are looking for.

In a nutshell, how SEO works is not rocket science so long as a person understands what its all is about. Keep in mind the user experience!