What type of leader are you?

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Every business owner at some point need to employ people in order to service their clients or deliver on their services. Well that is if the business wants to grow! So how do you manage your workers? Each business owner or team leader will have their own management style, but the way you manage your team will reflect on how they perform and feel about the company. Even if they are performing does not mean they are happy with you or the business. So what type of leader are you?

The Fearsome Leader

These types of people always get the job done and have great knowledge about the industry, or know who to ask if they are unsure. They are strict, motivated and have no problems at getting rid of staff if they believe they are underperforming. They only see black and white and don’t even know what grey is. The people that work under these managers usually get the work done which is what every manager wants, correct? However, are they loyal to the company and do they like you? Probably not…

People that work under these managers are only working out of fear of losing their job. They do not like the manager they report to, are not loyal to the company, talk bad about the business or their team leader and will take another opportunity soon as they get offered one. Loyalty within any organisation is very important and it entails long term reliable staff. If you are one of these managers then the staff turnover rate within your company is probably quite high, and chances are that your staff are already looking for a new job as you are reading this! Also, as you know, negative energy spreads like a plague within the office. If most of staff is different compared to one year ago then you have a serious issue within your business.

The Amicable Leader

Everyone loves a manager that can also be like a mate, a manager that can sit down with their staff and have a laugh as well as the occasional drink here and there. The staff are loyal and are working not because they are scared of losing their job, but because they enjoy working within the company and the people that they report to. However, be careful here, if your staff are too comfortable with you, chances are that they are taking advantage of your kindness. People may begin to drop the ball as long as they think you are too easy going. While others might be working hard due to their loyalty they also might see others slacking off and then may think it is ok as well.

The only reason why they are probably still staying within the company is because they are too comfortable and know they won’t be able to do this anywhere else. If someone has been in the company for a long time but they have not improved much then chances are that you are too easy on them and they know this. Unless they are so awesome they cannot get any better!

So what management style is best?

None, there needs to be a balance between the two. Your staff must like you, or else they will be unreliable and can leave at any moment. Get to know your staff, hang out with them every now and then but still let them know that you are the boss and work needs to get done since that’s what they are getting paid for. You need to make your staff very aware of the company policy and yes there will be consequences if company policies are not adhered to or breached. But before you start trying to act all mighty telling off or firing people due to certain issues make sure you research the scenario thoroughly as some issues may not be not within their control. In a lot of the cases other members within your company may be taking advantage of other loyal workers and palming everything off to them. This is when mistakes happen, and no it is not the persons fault at the end of the line. The staff and the end of the line is what keeps the company going, they are the foundation to your business. Look after them and start looking towards up the chain to pin point out issues within the company that have dripped down to your end workers.


If you are not a manager

If you are employed under someone also pay close attention to your team members. You will be able to see which ones want to rise through the ranks and very easily be able to see what type of leaders they will be. Do you know someone who is always brining up things to upper management in relation to other members in the team to try and make them look subordinate? Someone who is talking to others and then talking differently about them to other people? Chances are they will fall into the fearsome category once they rise through the ranks, be careful. If you get on their good side then you are probably safe, however you will probably have to agree with everything they say and always look for the negatives in other people rather than positives. Good luck with the impression you make on others.

Look to another staff member. The one that is working hard, gets along with everyone, knows what to do to make the upper management happy. This person is always honest, whether it is good news or bad news and not scared to speak up where needed. Make sure you get to know this person, chances are they will look after you if they rise through the ranks. However, if you take advantage of them they will probably give you the flick! No one likes to be used, especially when they are trying to reach certain goals for the company but they are too busy picking up your slack.

So who do you want to be and where do you want to get to in your career? People who try hard enough will obviously be rewarded and promoted. It is your actions which may or may not dictate what type of leader you will become and how people below see you.

People are coming into work to work. When people are applying for a job they are not looking for a good time, they are looking for an income to live and know work needs to be done for this to be earned. There is pretty much no other way to put it. However, the work place environment and culture needs to be positive. Your staff should be working out of respect and loyalty and not fear. If you are a business owner or a team leader make sure your staff are happy but also make sure there are strict rules in place to be followed. A good business model will take care of most of these things. It may be worth networking with successful business owners and entrepreneurs, and yes that means your competitors as well. Be nice, you may learn something from them.